Leather (3rd) Anniversary Gifts

They say love lasts only 3 years then it either fades away or transforms. Well, in a marriage 3 years is called a leather anniversary. First 2 years you get to know each others’ habits and fight to the death, and on the 3rd year, if you haven’t already killed each other, you can safely say that you have achieved your first milestone as a couple. Give your husband something special to show your love and appreciation for staying by your side for those long 3 years. Have fun with your choice of the gift. Man, do we have a list to choose from! Just take a look!

Best Gifts for Leather Anniversary

How to Choose Leather Anniversary Gifts

Leather anniversary? That’s truly an achievement. It means you have lasted through the good, the bad and the ugly! You are comfortable with being who you are with each other. First two years are really tough and if you haven’t “killed” each other by 3rd year- congrats! You have overcome the first and biggest hurdle in a marriage- 3 years! Celebrate it by giving him something that’ll inspire him and fuel his love and devotion.

1. Leather anniversary- the leather gift!

Let it be symbolic. If it’s a leather anniversary, the gift could be something made of leather! You have a variety of options. Just make sure to personalize the leather gift by engraving both of your names or maybe your wedding date to remind him of the most special day in both of your lives!

2. Get something matching for both of you.

Since it’s the anniversary of your couple, it would be great to get something matching for both of you. Bracelets, keychains, you name it! This will create a special bond between you- a feeling of sameness. Sounds crazy, but it actually works. This truly creates a mirror effect and connects you two even more.

3. Jewelry might do the trick!

This is a leather anniversary- so getting him something worthy and a little bit pricy could actually make sense. Cufflinks, a watch, a bracelet or even a ring could be a great idea for a gift. But remember it has to be symbolic and has to represent your eternal love for one another. So engrave it, personalize it and make sure it stands for some memory that you share.