Gift Ideas for Christening / Baptism Gifts for Boys

For the religious family, Christening is one of the several major events in their life – if not the most important. So, you better be picky here while choosing a gift for this occasion. Whatever you choose it has to symbolize this event. It can be a cross, a personalized blanket or the Holy Bible. And remember – it’s a boy, so we have to go after some “masculine” stuff.

Bless The Child - GUARDIAN ANGEL Baby BOY Crib Cross

Bless The Child – GUARDIAN ANGEL Baby BOY Crib Cross

This is a perfect gift for baby boys as the engravings on the cross have both religious and baby accents. It weights 2.4 ounces and is little more than 4 inches long. Importantly, it’s not expensive: well in terms of $ of course.

Custom Catch Personalized Baby Blanket

Baptism or Christening Baby Personalized Blanket

A truly nice gift for Christening. Christian name and the occasion date can be beautifully imprinted on the blanket. In fact, the customization will be very fast so you won’t have wait long. Its dimensions are 36 x 36 inches and more importantly, it’s extra soft.

Sterling Silver St. Michael Pendant

Sterling Silver St. Michael Pendant

Religious Calendar - DaySpring

DaySpring Flip Calendar – God’s Promises Day by Day

Religuous Gifts Saint Benedict Crucifix

Saint Benedict Wall Cross Crucifix with Antique Silver and Gold Finish

Religuous Gifts Brass 4 Bell

Embossed Brass 4-Bell Alter Bells with Wood Handle


How to Choose the Right Christening / Baptism Gifts for Boys

Struggling with finding the perfect gift for him on his Baptism? Whether it’s your son, hubby, boyfriend or your nephew, this is a unique and spiritual day for all the believers out there! For those who aren’t too familiar with this ritual, the gift issue may seem a little intimidating. Would your gift be appropriate or not? When should you give the gift? Well, we have some ideas for you to make it easy to buy something for his sacred ceremony. Keep on reading.

Keep it spiritual

The gift should be somehow symbolic or have a religious theme. It could be anything ranging from a religious statue, cross or a religious book. Just make sure you know the religious belonging of your friend so you don’t find yourself in an awkward situation.

Personalize it

Since this day is really special for him you need to make sure you make it about him. So any personalized gift would be appreciated, like a pen with his name engraved on it.

Keep it simple

A spiritual event like Christening is not for fulfilling one’s material needs, so the simpler and less extravagant your gift is the better! Stick to something simple yet elegant, no need for the extra glitter.

Make it tasty

If you don’t find anything worthy of buying for him that would be special, and you aren’t really up to purchasing something ordinary, you could always make it yourself. Well, that is if you can. Some nice desert would always be appreciated, and the guests could treat themselves to it at the reception, so everyone will remember you as the one who had the tasty treat!