Fitbit Versa Smart Fitness Watch

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Do you need to purchase a gift for someone who is tech-savvy, loves to workout and monitor his health and progress, adores wristbands and other cool tech accessories? If your answer to all or at least some of the questions above is yes, then we have a perfect gift for you! Fitbit Versa Smart Fitness is a stylish accessory for him! It tracks different metrics like steps, heart rate, sleep, it also receives the messages, emails, phone calls on your wrist. This cool gadget actually might not be something he would spend money on but would love to own one, which makes it a perfect gift option for you! But wait, Fitbit Versa might be a great present not only for the young trendy boyfriend or brother but also for your grandpa, who has to monitor his health and pay attention to metrics like heart rate, sleep patterns, make sure he gets enough exercise daily. The only thing you would need to do besides buying the gadget for your grandfather would be to teach him how to use it as well, which actually could be some bonding time for you two.